“There is nothing man will not attempt when great enterprises hold out the promise of great rewards.” - Titus Livius

The rewards for those developing and growing companies from earlier stages to successful going concerns, while retaining significant equity ownership, can be enormous. Most people are aware of success stories and the amount of personal wealth that can be created. Those who do make it to the pinnacle enjoy what we call achieving “the rarefied air” and there may be no greater “high” than achieving that exalted place.

Achieving the rarefied air can be an exciting process, and is typically reserved for a small, select, and exclusive group of hard-working individuals and teams. It is also typically reserved for noble/high-minded individuals and teams with a grand purpose – who also want to do well by doing good. Moore Global subscribes to the concept of “conscious capitalism.”

The challenges and risks in achieving the rarefied air are high, however, evidenced by high failure rates particularly of earlier stage companies but also of emerging and later stage companies. The high level of regulations on all these companies, along with other factors such as the complex tax code, has also added significant burdens. Yet, significant demand for innovations that these companies can deliver continues to come from individuals and larger companies. In fact, larger companies both embrace and fear “Creative Destruction” that often comes from these companies. This is a huge opportunity and where Moore Global can add significant value.

"There are always a lot of ideas floating around, many of which are great ones, and it is the superior execution of great ideas that matters." - Jim Moore



When Jim founded Moore Global, he had the analogy in mind of the infamous mountain “K2” (and also in anticipation of his daughter, "K"aitlin, joining the company). K2, also known as “Savage Mountain,” is believed by many to be the world’s most difficult and dangerous to climb. Its difficulty of ascent is not only due to its height, but to many uncertainties and factors such as rock, ice, abyss, and storms. Even getting started on the ascent of K2 is difficult due to its lack of visibility.

Achieving the rarefied air of K2 is analogous to the challenges faced by startup, emerging, and later stage companies in their ascent to achieving the rarefied air. The uncertainties, obstacles, and other factors faced by these companies during their ascent can be extreme.

Moore Global’s mission is to be a key partner in helping startup, emerging and later stage companies overcome challenges, streamline their efforts, and guide them to the rarefied air. Through its many years of experience, Moore Global works with these companies to navigate the challenges they face in getting to the pinnacle, and to significantly reduce the risk and increase the odds of achieving the rarefied air. Moore Global prides itself in finding breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions.

Management believes that its unique blend of experience and skill sets within the company, along with the company’s alliance of world-class experts, significantly increases the odds of the companies it serves achieving the rarefied air and the “high” felt when standing at the pinnacle.

Although K2 is the Savage Mountain, its existence does good in that its glaciers supply fresh water feeding agriculture to the regions around it. The companies Moore Global serves also do good in that they are critical to feeding the economies of the world. Achieving the rarefied air by these companies and doing well, also can allow those involved to do good.

"Getting to the pinnacle and achieving the rarefied air is not easy and can be treacherous. This is where we come in." - Kaitlin Moore



Moore Global is typically compensated on an hourly, retainer, project or package basis depending on the specific nature of the engagement. However, the company will consider a combination of cash and equity depending on the venture and the circumstances. What is most important is to develop a win-win compensation structure that helps assure optimum success for all involved.